Palm Beach IT Users Group
09 Nov10, Windstream Offices, West Palm Beach, Fl

In-House Symposium on Sales and Marketing

First, a word from this evening's sponsor:  (That's her - way back by the door)

Lynne Keane from Windstream Communications has put out a challenge.  She has a $50 VISA gift card to give to the first person who brings her a qualified referral for Internet/phone service that becomes her customer.  This is above the regular referral money that Windstream pays for referrals.  Contact Lynne at 561.721.2734 TODAY!   Your referral may also qualify for a free month of service if they sign up by 11/23/10!

Kip Barkley started with his 'Intermittant' Newsletter, 'Second Thoughts'.  This went deep into the entire construction of the newsletter for greatest impact.

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Want to always have my latest info?

Steve provided us with an insight to SproutSocial.  Also, the effective timing of the arrival of your communication to the client.  The importance of humor was further discussed.

Danielle Major 
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Danielle continued with 'Drip Marketing'.  Danielle is our 'Go To' person for all about 'ACT'.  
She continued with comments on Re-Cycling, Swiftpage, 'Squeeze pages', and ending with Humor.

John Vighetto
Vighetto Networking, Inc.
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John, with his back to us, did an excellent job as moderator this meeting.  A big 'Thanks' from all of us!

Tim is to the left of John and discussed 'ToastMasters' as well as other means of enhancing Marketing.

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Rose-Anne gave us a very intensive talk on 'SendOutCards' as a tool to effect 'Follow-Ups', Appreciation Marketing and Gifts.  There was a lot of impact for the buck here.

From Rose-Anne:
 I just wanted to say to my friends…. “What did you do with YOUR night last night?  I spent mine with a great group of geeks.” 

A Couple of shots of John's Whiteboard sumnations.

Further comments from John:

Thanks for all who attended last night's meeting. It was a pretty good turnout after all.

I think we covered a fair amount of ground with regards to some marketing strategies that were presented.

Thanks to Danielle, Rose-Anne, and Kip for presenting. Thanks as always, to Lynne for allowing us to meet at her Windstream office!

Finally, the following were some suggestions for topics of future meetings. If anyone has any other topics they would like to either discuss or present, please post them here.

1) How to avoid being hacked, or anti-hacking tips & tricks (almost sounds like a book)

2) Discussion on the various spam filtering vendors out there and the pros/cons of each

3) Hosted PBX (Jennifer of Windstream to present)

4) Alternative "Exchange" scenarios

5) Using social media intelligently

6) Optimizing SQL Express

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

John Vighetto
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