Ft Lauderdale Online - Geek Dinner - 01/05/2010 6:30 PM - Brus Room - A1A Deerfield Beach, FL

This Online Geek Dinner marks the end of a third cycle of meeting-meeting-geek dinner. Join us to hang out, exchange ideas and ask questions. This is also a good chance to get some swag out to the members!

So, that was the invitation, what happened?  Well it was a great social gathering.  There were several tech conversations going on.  I got in on one concerning PLCs.  Remember them?  Yes, they preceded the PC and they're still around and very important to industry and our daily lives.  Another subject was a conglomeration of software concerning Land Management (Not a Real Estate issue - but a Total Management concept).  There was also a 'Sequel Cheryl' present (hope that I got that name right - if not, somebody get back to me on it) (That's her, below, with Dave).  As usual, Dave threw a great party - check out the pic's.

Dave assures us that there will continue to be more of this.  Watch the FlaDotNet Newsletter for more information on future Geek Dinners and On-Line meetings !