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Deerfield Coders Cafe - 04/05/2011 - 6:30 PM - Deerfield Coders Cafe - Mobile Marketing - Tag You're It! - Tracy Wittenkeller -

Tracy is a local designer who has started a new company to focus on tag technologies. Almost everyone is familiar with UPC bar codes on products but with the advent of "App" phones (Windows Phone 7, Droid, iPhone) the ability to quickly communicate with the device is taking another step with "tags". Microsoft has a tag technology but there are others like QR. These allow anyone to create a tag and link it to a URL. Tracy is known worldwide as a premier supplier of DotNetNuke skins available at

That above, was the introduction.  Tracy actually gave us a deep introduction to what a 'Tag' is and its various applications.  Please note, that 'QR's' and 'Tag's' are different technologies requiring different apps on your PDA to read them.  Tag's are a Microsoft technology which developers can use for client applications etc.

(Dave Noderer with Tracey Wittenkeller - Presenter)

(...Where do I get my Stuff ?)

Meeting Sponsor, Mark Berger

An indication of the market.

A functional QR code application.

This is a Microsoft 'Tag' - somewhat different than the 'QR'.

Yes, you can scan this with an MS PDA Tag reader App.

Note the variation possibilities.

When you scan the Tag, the Tag will identify the scanning phone and geolocation.  It's important that you format the Tags' response to the PDA's display properties.  There is a lot of Developer potential here.

Hey, Swag time !

From the right, Dave Lord - Blogger/photog., Tracy Wittenkeller - Presenter, Dave Noderer - Event Co-ordinator and Mark Berger, Consultis Sponsor.


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