South Florida Technology Network
11 June 09, CBeyond HQ, Miramar, Fl


Presenter, Todd Colbeck from the Colbeck Coaching Group with Scott Cayouette, SFTN

I first cut my teeth on formal business - focusing programs (after constructing my own with various dbase applications) with ACT.  Since then, there have been numerous business contact management systems, including those from Microsoft.  Now, Todd Colbeck would have us use MS One Note as a business management focusing tool.  At first glance, (especially to an ACT enthusiast) this may appear to be folly.  But Todd presents a very powerful case here, that includes managed services, etc., to assist in growing our businesses.  If you weren't there for this presentation, you may do well to take a look at his ideas.

Todd Colbeck, MBA
Colbeck Coaching Group