South Florida Technology Network
10 Sep 09, CBeyond HQ, Miramar, Fl


(From Scott) Hey All,


Thanks to those who attended in person and online last night for the SFTN meeting. We learned some really neat things and features of Windows 7. We learned among other things about Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, the App Locker capability and a few more things like Group Policy Preferences and how they can be used in place of most Login scripts.

The downloads link from the Windows 7 LiveMeeting we did last night with Susan Bradley is:

The LiveMeeting was recorded and will be available in the next day or so.

 I had a bunch of SWAG for those in attendance and just enough Pizza too. Thanks to everyone who was there. I look forward to seeing you next month at CBeyond on Thursday, October 8th.  (Scott)