South Florida Code Camp - 02/18/2012

Welcome to Code Camp !!
Main Entry & Registration.  Here's Bobbi taking care of 'N' thru 'Z'

In and Registered.  Just find that little tiny ticket in the 'Swag Bag' and swap it for a Tee Shirt.

Hey !  This place is HUGE and Beautiful !

Right up front to the 'Indian' for a starter breakfast of fresh coffee, muffins, and bagels with toppings.

This was the other side of the Entrance, taking care of 'A' thru 'M'.

Event Organizer, Dave Noderer introducing some of the Sponsors of the event.


Oh, Yeah.  AWESOME Software.

Ok, they were the Sponsors on the East side of the Hall - next page we'll see the West - >

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