Palm Beach IT Users Group
11 Apr 12, Windstream, West Palm Beach, Fl


'Life Size' / 'VideoConferencingUSA' is offering a HD Video / HD Audio video conferencing system.  Above you can see an example of the clarity of the product.  There are numerous other 'Bells & Whistles' both included and available.

Here, a live demonstration with a company rep in Costa Rica.

Click for Website

Thanks again to our meeting place sponsor, Windstream and account rep, Lynne Keane who can provide you with more than enough bandwidth to run this and any other applications that you need.

Attn: Broward IT User Group (and any others), Brian would be very interested  in presenting to your group also.  Please contact him with the information on his business card above.

The all-important 'Meeting-after-the-Meeting' was again really great & extremely productive.  Thanks to all of those that participated.

REMINDER:  The Broward IT User Group will be meeting tomorrow evening at Microsoft Ft Lauderdale Hq.  This will be in conjunction with IAMCP and herald's a new chapter in it's history.  Try not to miss it !!