South Florida Technology Network, w/IAMCP

Microsoft Corporation
6750 N Andrews Avenue, Suite # 400
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
10 May 12

(Pre-show warm-up)

This evening's Presenter & IAMCP Rep, Jon Sastre.

This evening's presentation was mostly involved with the transition of our traditional product to the 'Cloud'.

How do we market it?

How do we get paid for it?

What incentive programs are involved and how do we claim them?

What additional resources do we have?

If you could read Jon's hat, you would see that it has the 'SKYPE' logo on it.  MS has purchased SKYPE and will be integrating it into many of it's communications capabilities.

....and here is the 4th one - 'Text-No-Evil'....

Center, rear with his arms up 'Who, Me?', If you read our daily emails and wondered who our Intuit Guru was, that's him, Mike Block.  Mike dropped some interesting pearls of wisdom concerning Intuit, also.

The Wrap-Up, Jon & Scott