First Friday Happy Group (FFGP)
at 'Bonefish Mac', Light House Point, FL
06 juli 2012

Ok, you get the Idea, a real fun evening!

Notice, things are 'Looking Up'.

'Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil'.  Missing is 'Text no evil'.

There are many things that Thomas really excells at.  This is one of them.

Ok, the girls started this one, so us guys ended it!

Notice for change of Venue next month.  In August,  Olivia and Dave have a birthday.  So on our Happy Hour evening, Friday, August 3rd, Dave & Olivia will have an open Pool - Patio Birthday party at Dave's house.  Dave lives near the North end of Lyons Road in Coconut Creek.  More information and directions will be included in future e-mails!

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