Palm Beach IT Users Group
11 Sep 12, Windstream, West Palm Beach, Fl

This month's presentation:

Just to the left of center here is Mike Neveglis.  Mike gave us a presentation of Firehouse Wireless's solution to communications backup when DSL / T-1 goes down.  This is like a UPS to your communications system.  This product will allow you to provide an additional service to your customers and revenue stream to your business.  Mike's contact information is below.
cell (954) 336 - 0835  /  fax (877) 709-9292

That smiling lady, just to the right of center above, is our Hostess, Lynne Keane, of Windstream, sponsoring this event.
Thank you, Lynne.

We hope to see you all again at our next meeting, 9 Oct 12 - same place!