First Friday Happy Hour
El Paso 11, 1800 North Federal Hwy, Hollywood at 18:30, Fri, 5 Okt 12

So, where is Cor B. and entourage?  Did Count Dracula get him?

So how did it go?  El Paso was light, clean and relatively quiet.   Easy to have a conversation.

The 'Chairman' just loves his coffee & desert !

For next month, we are looking at Giorgi's Bakery, on the waterfront in Hollywood.  More later on this.  As always, comments and suggestions are solicited and welcome.


Don't forget, annual Haring Feest in Miami, next Sat., Oct 13.  There may still be some tickets available (no, you cannot pay at the  door!! )  Check t' Krantje for details.


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