Palm Beach IT Users Group
09 Oct 12, Windstream, West Palm Beach, Fl

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you ever find yourself in the county lock-up, you may have the experience of searching for a Bail Bondsman.  When you pick up the phone book and look under 'Bail Bonds' you'll quickly notice that almont all of these businesses have a name starting with the letter 'A'.  Zoe's Zuper Zervice (ZZZ) Bail Bonds does not exist unless it shares the same telephone number with A1A Bail Bonds.  So Bail Bonds Businesses use the alphabetical listing in a telephone book to get themselves at the top of the list you are searching when you are in dire need.

Greg Tammany

If you envision your company website as a vehicle to sell your products and/or services (not just expand your ego), how will your potential clients find it?  Most probably, your potential client is going to use a 'Search Engine' - Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or one of the 'combo's'.  

How can you insure that your site is among the first 5 ' Hits '  when  a customer searches the internet?  No, the name 'A1A A-Plus Computer Services' will not, by itself, cause your Web Page to rise to the top.  There is nothing alphabetical about it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of determining the priority of selection factors or the primary search engines, and then applying these factors to your web page.  Please remember also, these factors are dynamic - constantly changing factors that continually need to be re-determined and applied.

The young lady above, to the right under 'EXCEL' is our Hostess, Lynne Keane, representing our meeting place sponsor, WindStream Communications.

John can get very 'animated'.

What ??, No Pizza? -- But look at all of those chicken wings & dip and sodas -  hmmm....

Nobody 'snoozing' here.

And then, there was extensive discussion and 'chalk-talk'.

Greg will be doing a courtesy site evaluation for all attendees.

Presenter, Greg Tammany standing with PBIT group leader, John Vighetto in front.

The group thanks Greg Tammany for a really great presentation.

Next month we will meet on Tue., 6 November.  We will also discuss ideas for the annual End of Year party.