The Lion's Roar

Lyon's Den, Coconut Creek

2 Aug 13

& now the Leo celebrants, Benita, Dave, Liva & Bruce !

How do you take a picture of a candle being blown out?

Hey, Strudel!

Happy Leo's

Light my fire!

Whipped Cream?

...ain't got the foggiest...

You want fries with that?  Oh, Ice Cream !

Actually  Nerd Shirt.  Read it:  NOVA U., Code

Liva, our best photographer!

Note the Crystal Ball on the table...

and things are getting a bit blurry now...

Dave & Margriet will be otherwise occupied for the next Happy Hour.  Someone else can pick up the ball and do something.  Use the address list on the e-mail with the link to these pic's to contact everyone (reply all).

Thank you all for the Party !  - Dave

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