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09 February 2016

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Ubuntu Desktop
Yumi Multi Boot USB Creator

Offensive Security replaced Backtrack with Kali and have posted some videos and documentation to the Kali Dojo here:

Chromixium is the Chromebook-like distro that you are looking for.
Thanks Adam~
here is the Raspberry Pi encryption that you are looking for.  ;)

I just loaded that in a VM to check it out, its got a nice GUI is nice site to get Virtualbox and VMware images for popular Linux distro’s  

Has anyone tried this? I have an older XP netbook. I'd like to install this if it will work ok.
My Acer Netbook was originally XP.  Upgraded to Win 7.  I set up a separate partition and installed UBUNTU for dual-boot.  Make sure that you use the 32 bit version unless you have a dual-core cpu.
For an older netbook try Lubuntu or Android x-86     you can try Remix OS    its Android for PCs

(The above received from multiple participants.)

For those of you who just can't live without certain Windows programs...

You can install Wine on you LInux box.

Also check out Codeweavers "Cross Over"

I've used both Wine and CrossOver before for older versions of Microsoft Office and even Internet Explorer. I can live without Windows apps in my little Linux world but some businesses may rely on certain Windows software.

Check out the compatabilty list. Wine is FREE, and for Codeweavers sign up for a FREE trial!



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