Deerfield Beach Coders' Cafe
08 June 2016
Event Hosted by & Located at:

Octagon Technology Staffing @Axis.Riverhouse building on 333 Las Olas Way, Suite CU3, in the Axis Space

Inside the Hololens.  Yes, all of this exists in concert with reality and can be manipulated, walked around, through, under and over.  Simple hand movements allow the user to manage the environment.

And, success!  Everyone had an opportunity to try the Hololens.

Again, your hosts this evening:  To the Left, Dwight Goins, this evenings presenter, next to the right, Bianca Diosdado, Octagon VP, next Heather Piernick, Sr Technology Recruiter at Octagon Technology Staffing,  and far right, Dave Noderer, Coder's Cafe Organizer.


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