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I'm so excited to be coming to the reunion in August.  Haven't missed a one in the last few years.  It's so wonderful to see so many and I look forward to catching up with you again this year.
I retired from the Executive Office of the President in January 2008 after working there for 23 years.  My career was interesting and full of challenging times.  I retired earlier than I planned so I could be available to spend time with my mom who had moved to the Washington DC area a few years before. 
I have been working with a group that provides weight reduction counseling on a volunteer basis for the last 12 years. Not only do I work to help them lose weight and I continue working with them after they reach goal weight.  It's been very exciting to see success.
Since retirement I have attended multiple, varied classes for seniors at Johns Hopkins for several years....what fun.. I think my happiest times are when I am learning new material.
I'm training to be a docent at The Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. It's a very rigorous program. I love being a student and look forward to completing this training.  
I have 4 married sons with the best wives ever.  I have 9 grandchildren with another one on the way....due in August.  I see my grandkids as much as possible, but they are so busy with their lives that it often is impossible.  I just returned from the beach where I saw 6 of them and 3 stayed with me.  That's the best. 
My husband, Allan Udler, and I divorced in 2015.  Sadly he died last year of cancer.  I was able to visit with him at least  once a week during the last few months of his life.
I've been doing a lot of traveling....Costa Rica in 2013, Poland in 2014, Hawaii in 2016, Australia, New Zealand, and Tahiti in February/March 2017 and am leaving for Russia in two weeks, back just before the reunion.  Also planning  a trip to Greece in November.  

I hope others will share their "doings" during these last few years.  Looking forward to the reunion.
Best to all 

added:> After graduating from Marblehead high school, my parents moved to Georgia. I started college at Syracuse University and transferred to the University of Georgia from which I graduated in 1963 majoring in social sciences with a minor in secondary education.  I taught junior and senior high school until December 1964 When I married Allan Udler and we moved to Frankfurt am Main in West Germany where Allan was stationed with the army.  While in Germany I taught GED to Army soldiers and worked for three years with a disabled German child.  My first son was born there and we returned to the states settling in Washington DC area. Soon thereafter I had my second son and my third and then my fourth.  I was home for 15 years with the boys, doing part-time work. I had a chocolate business, I did substitute teaching and tutoring.

When my husband decided to leave his job at Marriott corporation and start his own business, I went to work outside my home.  I started at the USDA Graduate School and was there for three years, and then moved to the Executive Office of the President where I remained for 23 years.  I was fortunate to have very exciting jobs. My first job at the executive office was starting a PC Resource Center.  I standardized software and hardware and taught staff how to use their pc's.  This was in 1985, the  beginning of Reagan 's second term in office  when pc's  were just being introduced into corporate America.  After five years of organizing and standardizing the PCs I was recruited to join the President's budget office (OMB) and I wrote expert systems/ artificial intelligence applications.  I then started doing budget work, writing introductory chapters to a couple of the budget volumes and hiring and managing temporary staff during budget season. Working in OMB was fabulous. The challenges, the people, and the working conditions were all ideal.  I feel very grateful for the many opportunities afforded me.

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