I was leaving for the weekend so didn’t finish my story.  
From Brenda Schwalb Star:  


After graduation I went to SMFA/ Tufts and got a BFA and a few years later an MFA.  

Since 1978 I have taught sculpture part time at Tufts.

My studio is in an old factory building in Somerville, I show my work at Gallery NAGA on Newbury Street in Boston, and have exhibited sculpture at many other galleries and museums.

I still live in the same house in Cambridge MA (built in 1850).

At the end of my first year at SMFA/Tufts I met my husband Steven Star. He was doing graduate work at Harvard in American Intellectual History.  After that he went to Harvard Business School, got an MBA and DBA.  Then he taught at Harvard and MIT until he was 50.  
He was then diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized to his brain and he died within a year.  I was 48.  My son Anthony was a freshman at the University of Chicago (hometown of my husband) and my son Alexander was a senior at Harvard. 
I feel fortunate that despite the loss, the three of us thrived in our professions and in our personal lives. Both sons are married and each have two children.  There wives too, have accomplished a lot in their respective professions. 
My husband and I both had “wanderlust”.   An academic scheduled allowed us to spend months away with the kids every summer.   I have continued to range far and wide every year since then.
For better or worse, when I get home I realize that I have more insight into my own culture from having been away from it.  

Brenda Schwalb Star