Dear Classmates,

    Our reunion on August 26th and 27th was a great success with over 55 classmates and over 80 people in total attending.  It was wonderful to see one another, to reminisce about our times together in high school, and to catch up about our current lives.  The Masonic Hall and the food were great, and we all enjoyed being together once again!

    As always, Richard and Lynn Katz provided their beautiful home as well as a wonderful breakfast, and we certainly thank them for their hospitality.  Our thanks also go out to Dave Lord for setting up our bios, pictures, activities, etc., and providing the links so that we can access them all easily. Also thanks to Don Orne and everyone else who added to the pictures that Dave posted. And kudos to our reunion committee who made sure everything came together so seamlessly.

    For those of you who couldn't make it, not only did you miss a lot of fun, but also YOU were truly missed by your classmates. Hopefully, we will get to see you at our next reunion in 2020 (although we certainly don't want the years to rush by too quickly)!!!




(by Bob Chun)

Thanks for forwarding my email to the Class as a whole. I've gotten about 15 responses from classmates, some of whom I haven't heard from since graduation. Some are very interesting--Arthur Kemelman's life in Israel, Elaine Audet's (Negroponte) work for her and her husband's nonprofit in Cambodia, Judith Swartzberg's (Freedberg) time in the Netherlands, for example. I discovered that Jim Fleming lives here in the Bay Area. It's clear people have much to remember and talk about. And I seem to have started a string of emails recalling Miss Atherton, the murdered (still unsolved) 3rd grade teacher at Glover School--specifically how students still distinctly remember that incident and the emotional effect it had on them.
So this got me to thinking. Those attending the reunion will have ample time to chat, reminisce and reconnect with each other. But for those of us unable to attend we won't have that opportunity and similarly those at the reunion won't have a chance to connect with those not in attendance. So my suggestion is we send an email to everyone ahead of time, inviting them to submit a synopsis of whatever they want to talk about and share with the class, but mainly about where they're at in life at age 75--retirement, their family, their achievements, MHS/M'head remembrances, and plans for the future. It doesn't have to be long unless they want it to be. We could ask each person to just email his/her submission to the entire class as a "Respond All" to the email list which you use for your communications; do you have one or two lists? It's easier (and cheaper) than paper and postage.

Just consider this my last official recommendation as senior class President, but I don't want to usurp the reunion committee's input.
Why don't you run this by the other members of the reunion committee for their thoughts (feel free to forward this email to them) and get back to me. We still have time to pull this off and it doesn't require much effort. I think all of us would enjoy reading the responses. However, my feelings won't be hurt if the committee thinks this is a nutty idea or if people are worried their email inboxes would explode.