Jay Morrison

I was born in Salem Hospital next to Bobby Chun.  After graduating from UNH I served 5 years in the Air Force without having to go to Viet Nam.  Instead I went to Taiwan for a year and then married my wife Susan 49 years ago. I then got an MSW at BU and worked in the psychotherapy field for 46 years. I taught part time at the BC Graduate School of Social Work for 31 years. I just retired in June and I worked so long because I loved my career.  I also had the good fortune to travel to many places in the world including South Africa, Europe, Isreal, Nicaragua, Tanzania, China and Taiwan.  I am particularly interested in refugee issues nowadays after a study tour of camps in Tanzania in 2006. I have linked up with a group in Marblehead that is connecting with and helping refugees.  I am also connected with the Marblehead Racial Justice Team and am conducting "conversations on race" on a monthly basis at the library.  I only have 3 "kids" in their 40's and 2 grandchildren all of whom live around here.  I forgot to mention that I sailed for most of my life, but no longer own a boat.I am looking forward to seeing you all soon!