Marcia Bumbalough Pollock

Hi to all MHS Class of '60 alums,

I will not be at the celebration in August and haven't attended any of the reunions but am always interested in reading updates of everyone and thanks Reggie for keeping us updated:-)
Since 1960 I've lived in Boston, Washington D.C., Kansas and finally Georgia, home for the past 46 years and feel like a true "grit' (Girl raised in the south).
My late husband (widowed in 2003) and I designed and built our home on Lake Lanier, 30 miles north of Atlanta. I retired from a retailing career in 1985 and we moved to the lake in '86 where I still reside and love it!
Wanting to "give back" I began working as a volunteer or sub-contracting with my resident county serving as chairman of 4 various boards including planning & zoning, development, zoning board of appeals and currently am on the animal advisory council. Since moving to Gwinnett County in '86 I've seen it grow from approximately 215,000 residents to now close to one million residents.
I am Gran to 7, 4 boys and 3 girls ranging from oldest nearly 24 to youngest 13 and they and their moms (my girls) are scattered from N.Y. to S.C. so I don't see them that often:-(
My widowed  life changed back in 2014 when I began a now serious relationship with a great guy who was a widower with two grown sons. Life is good:-)  Kev was raised in Saudi Arabia while his father was on assignment with an oil company. While he is very world traveled, he has seen next to nothing of New England so we're hopefully heading north in October to maybe join the throngs of leaf lookers. We'll also eat our share and then some of fabulous seafood, fried clams and lobster mainly....yum!!! Oh yeah, and great local ice cream........just wish Abby Mae's (peppermint-stick) or Rodgers (coffee or orange sherbet) were still in town.
Having read some of the recent Beryl Atherton posts, I remember it well despite the fact we were then living in Peabody and my parents tried (unsuccessfully) to hide the local papers thinking I was too young to read that sadness. I SO remember her though we moved after I finished first grade with Mrs. Allen as teacher at the Glover school. I don't have it but can see faces from that first grade class picture and recall Reggie, Mike Rapheal, Johnny Holtz, Karen Kiely, Lincoln Lockhart, Jay Morrison, the Rockett twins and so many others.
Sadly so many are no longer with us but wishing all that are to stay healthy, enjoy the 75th (YIKES) birthday gathering.
Wishing y'all well,
Marcia Bumbalough (Pollock

(added) Great idea Mike!! Good readings and lets keep them going.