Michael Raphael

Since Bob Chun’s suggestion has generated some fascinating stories of classmates, guess it’s my turn. 

After MHS, I attend Univ. of Mass., Amherst (btw, we’re old enough that it was the only campus then!!!) and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology.  Realizing there were not many opportunities with that degree I continued on.  My resume indicates that I obtained an M. A. in Industrial Psychology from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, and the Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron.

Following graduation, we moved to the Hartford, Conn. Area. Where I was the Director, Training Research and Development, for the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association, a trade group for the Marketing Officers of the life and health insurance companies, where I developed programs for the entire industry as well as consult.  After about ten years, it was time for a move (working for a trade group means not working for any one company although there were almost five hundred member companies), and I spent a few years Management Development Specialist for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford, Conn, where he forged a variety of management training programs for a new Division.  Then, I moved for an offer as  Corporate Manager, Management and Organizational Development for Easco Hand Tools in Springfield, Mass., where he designed and managed the implementation of the function. (FYI, Easco made/makes hand tools for Sears Craftsman and all the NAPA stores).

Then, in the mid-1980s Easco’s Hand Tool Division in Springfield beat many other companies and downsized and closed the office and I had the opportunity to create and implement the outplacement program for several hundred people including myself.

My personal counseling (with my wife) decided it was time to try something on my own, so since the late ‘80s I have been consulting and teaching.  (Depending on the economy determines which comes first!!!)  When I began on my own I obtained my license as a Psychologist so I could provide assessments for organizations.  (I did a lot for entry level police officers and a lot at nuclear facilities for required work).  Over the years I have taught at various universities such as an adjunct faculty member at Central Connecticut State University, Central Michigan University (for their off-campus operation mostly on military bases), Walden University (where I was the Chair of the MS in I/O Psych. For a few years) Capella University, and the University of Phoenix On-Line.

Today, I am not totally retired as I am still teaching some courses online.

As some of you know my late brother Dick was a sports photographer in Boston.  When he passed I inherited the entire collection and spend time, as a new vocation, organizing over forty years of photos (slides not digital) and making sense of them.  I knew what he did but did not know how good he and the photos are.  For example, since I began after he passed some places that have purchased photos for use include the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall St.’(it was a picture of Fenway Park, seriously), The NFL Network for the Immaculate Reception, this year’s BOSTON: the Documentary about the Marathon.  Also, the N.E. Patriots had an exhibit in Foxboro at their Hall Museum of photos from the first 41 Super Bowls.  And, for the last few years, for the holidays I have been creating calendars for friends and the like of vintage photos of the Red Sox, Patriots etc. I was requested by one person to buy a calendar for a relative and each year it grows, and I created a book of Red Sox photos and am finishing one of the 1967 team for the 50th anniversary.

So, I guess I don’t have to retire.

Other than work, I have been married to my great wife Anita for 49 years.  We have two daughters, Nina, an Interior Designer for an architect firm and Syracuse grad., who lives in Greenville, SC with her husband and two sons, 14 and 10 and a daughter 6; and Amy, an Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs for a School of Pharmacy and a U of GA Ph.D., lives in San Antonio, TX, with her husband and 2 year old daughter.

The big news for us is that after 45 years in Connecticut, last September Anita and I moved to a new townhome in Leland North Carolina (just outside of Wilmington).  We are still getting ‘settled’ but enjoying the area and our new friends.  While we wondered about our ‘funny’ accents when we moved, it turns out that the complex we are in about 95+% of the 2000 homes are owned by people from No. Va north with lots from New England, NY and NJ.  (We do have a neighbor from NC).  We do like to travel, play golf, walk, and are learning pickleball.

Not much else for the first 75 years, and looking forward to the next adventures.

Looking forward to seeing folks in Marblehead next month and staying in touch online with all others.  (Maybe one of our techie classmates has a way we can upload these bios to a blog or someplace our classmates can ‘meet’ without traveling)

Dr. Mike


Well stated Bruce.  Maybe we should plan a reunion then on Normandy Beach and we can toast MHS from afar!!!

The conversations have been intriguing and full of interesting things that I assume Bob Chun and us all have been fascinated reading.

Perhaps one of the 'nerds/geeks/non-tech challenged amongst us could create or direct us all to a space where these musings could reside.  It would be fun vs. sorting thru emails.

Just a random thought.