Hello, Everyone!

I have enjoyed reading all the it must be my turn.

57 years seems a long period to cover in one E-mail, so I will just do some highlights.

I earned my BFA from UCONN in 1964. Then off to UCLA for graduate school. I got my MA in 1966. I would have had a PhD. I finished all the curriculum requirements for a doctorate, but ran out of money for another year to write a dissertation and, to fulfill a new requirement at UCLA, pass a fluency test in German! I had enough trouble with learning French in High School. 😊
I then taught at a small college in New Jersey for five years. Group W, Westinghouse Broadasting (WBZ in Boston) hired me to direct some shows, co-produce a couple more, and do some set design work. I stayed with Group W for several years. I got married in 1971, and found the demands of the television world and being married didn't mix well. I moved on to the corporate world, working first for the Gillette Company (best employer I ever had), started my own consulting company for a few years, and then on to Digital Equipment Corporation as Global Director of Design and Corporate Identity.

I have two children, Ben - aged 41, and Rebecca - aged 34. No grand children. Ben is the Technical Director and Production Manager for the Boston Ballet. Rebecca is a zoo keeper and recently spent a month in South Africa getting certified in African Wildlife management.

I was divorced in 1994. At about the same time Digital went out of business. I began a new career developing a Professional Development Program for the Design Management Institute. I did seminars and workshops all over the world (North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. I was traveling the world about 35 weeks each year.

At age 63 I began yet another career. I have written several books on Design Management, and have been a regular columnist for several design magazines. I also became an adjunct professor of design management for Suffolk University's Executive MBA program in Innovation and Design.

I have written several case studies on Brand Management and design for Harvard University.

Finally, at about age 71, I sort of retired. Now I direct 3 different television shows for MHTV (Marblehead Community Access Television). One of them, "Up for Discussion" won an award last year as the best community access television show on public affairs in the U.S.

I also now work for the M'Head Chamber of Commerce two days a week in the Information Booth (paid position and really fun for an old codger.)

I have been blessed with two wonderful and talented children, the ability to travel the world, a number of exciting and rewarding career moves, and hundreds of really good friends all over the world.

I hope to see many of you in August at our 75th birthday party.

Peter Phillips