Shaun O'Shaughnessy

Here's my Story: After Barely making it to HS Graduation, I Joined the Navy. I did very well in Booth Camp,
Graduating Number 1 in my Company (83 People).  I was Selected to be the "Honor Man" of Company 314.
I had a very Strong Desire to Join the Submarine Service. The Navy had a rule that the Top 3 people in Navy
Schools could pick their next Assignment. To my Surprise, I was number 1 in a Missile School Class of about
45 People.

I picked my next Assignment to be a Missile School in Hawaii. The Missile school was for the "Regulus  Missile" which was Fired from Submarines. (The Regulus is really a Cruise Missile that was Fired from the deck of  Sub after Surfacing.) Once again I was at the Top of the Class and picked my next assignment to be on the USS Growler (SSG-577). BTW: The Growler is still in the water. It is part of the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in NYC. Well worth seeing if you are in the Big Apple! Upon leaving the Navy I spent the next 6 Years in College, earning Degrees in Electrical  Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Believe it or not I was a Member of the National Honor Society.

Who would have envisioned that one??? After Graduation I joined IBM. Started in a Technical capacity, then went into Sales and Marketing. I retired in 1998. I now live in Newmarket, NH. My Property covers 35+ Acres with over 5 Acres of Lawn and Gardens. I maintain this place myself, which has kept be in fairly decent shape for an Old Fart. My Wife and I Love to Travel. To date we've been to all 7 Continents, 141 Countries all 50 States and 45 State Houses. We will get the last 5 by early next year. Then it will be  back to seeing more Countries. I have Two Children and Four Grand Kids. Now I'll explain why my first name is Shaun. After years of asking people to call me Shaun as my Friends and Family did and do, I legally changed my first Name to Shaun in the 80's. I am sorry that I will miss the Birthday party. We will be travelling.

I'll be at the Next Reunion if I'm still above ground.

Cheers to All !

Shaun O'Shaughnessy