Tom Bowen



After spending almost 40 years behind bars, I have written a book called POURING AND DRINKING: My Life on Both Sides of the Bar ( A Bartender's Memoir). It has been published and is available on Amazon. The book details my life with much of it taking place in Marblehead including my 4 years at MHS. POURING AND DRINKING is a true story of a man who fell in love with the drinking life. He pursued that life enthusiastically. But the drinking game eventually took it's toll. This is a fascinating tale of drinking, drugs, sex and even murder. You may laugh or you may cry as you follow our flawed hero on his travels through the treacherous world of alcohol. It is ultimately a story about love and redemption told from the unique perspective of someone who has literally spent his life on both sides of the bar. It grabs you at the very first drink, and holds you right up until last call. POURING AND DRINKING is a very personal book, and one that you will never forget.  PS. I get the girl in the end!  Cheers and good luck to all.     ---- Tom Bowen