South Florida Technology Network
10Jun 10, CBeyond HQ, Miramar, Fl

And, in the beginning, there was Pizza !

Question:  How many SBS Techs does it take to extract just one RJ-45?


As Scott mentioned in his comments that we're still waiting for, we covered a lot of territory during this meeting.  We hope to see more of you next time, Thursday, 08 Jul, 10

Also, on Tuesday, 6 July, 10 from 18:00 or 18:30 on, there is a Geek's Dinner at Bru's Place, Rt. A1A in Deerfield Beach.  (Pay as you go) This a social for area Developers or all kinds.  If you ever need or think that you could use some developer support in your shop, this is a good place to bump some elbows and pick up a few business cards.  If your business card says that you 'Do Windows', these guys 'Do Code'.  You'll be welcome.