South Florida Technology Network
14 Jan 10, CBeyond HQ, Miramar, Fl

Nice shot of my jacket hanging on the back of my chair.  Notice that My drink cup almost totally conceals my netbook?

Ok, you don't see a lot of action here in still shots.  You see that big server there?  We all accused Scott of being to cheap to buy a laptop until he convinced us that it wasn't too practical to install Hyper-V on a laptop.

Continuing right along, setting up Hyper-V and installing MS Server 2008.  Yeah, I guess ya hadda be there to understand what was going on.

OK, That works

And now load up XP in a Storage Craft virtual machine.  Actually this went a lot smoother than most Microsoft Corp. presentations.

Hey, now wasn't that nice & everything works!

Here is Andre, our Host from Cbeyond with some IT Guy.

Hey, Andre ! Thanks for all of the great hospitality.

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Catch us again next month - Be There!!